Happy Juneteenth! – Support Black Authors

Juneteenth is a day commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. What better way to celebrate than to support Black authors and creators? Not all of the authors on this list are African Americans, but I’ve enjoyed their works and would like to promote Black authors generally. I’ve linked to the books on bookshop.org because while supporting Black authors, you can also support a Black-owned bookstore (map and list here).

Some of these books I’ve discussed before, some are new and some are older, but they all have one thing in common: I enjoyed them. To keep this from being a very long post, I’m only going to provide links rather than reviews. There are also many other amazing Black authors not included in this blog post (more on my read and to-read lists as well), but I hope folks find an author they enjoy below, and that they share their joy with their friends.

Speculative Fiction (Sci-fi and Fantasy)

Adult & YA

Middle Grade

Non-SFF Fiction

Adult & YA

Middle Grade

Graphic Novel


Children’s Books

BONUS: Titles I haven’t read yet, but want to read:

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