Mid-October Mood: Romance

This weekend I will celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary, and this past August we celebrated 14 years since our first date. For me, fall is a magical time and it gets me feeling all those happy romantic feelings. Guess you all know why I picked October for my wedding. Well, that and it’s hot as Hades in central Texas for most of the year and October usually is not too hot and not too cold (insert Miss Congeniality clip into your mind).

Anyhow, I can’t really shove baked goods through the monitor to you fine people, but I can shove book recommendations your way. Just as good as caramel chewy fudge bars, right? At least as mouth-watering.

So here are three of my favorite romance novels in no particular order and with varying levels of heat. I hope you find something new to love.

1. Tied With Me – Kristen Proby

Sweet and successful cupcake baker meets bondage loving Seattle cop. Yes, please!

Full disclosure, this is book six in Proby’s With Me series. I’ve read almost the entire series. It’s great, but this one I keep going back to time and time again. I appreciate the author’s content warning at the start of the book, letting the reader know that the one of the characters “dabbles in the world of BDSM” and that the scenes depicting this lifestyle are approached with respect, and are consensual.

I knew some of the characters from earlier in the series, but this knowledge wasn’t necessary. If anything, it just made me more curious to see how Proby was going to take a character that I hadn’t immediately fallen for in other books and make him the main love interest. No spoilers, but I fell in love with them both.

2. On Dublin Street – Samantha Young

An American living in Scotland moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street and cue meeting roommate’s hot Scottish brother who is all too happy to give her the pleasure she wants without any strings attached.

Book 1 in a series that just gets better and better, in fact Fall From India Place (book 4) is another favorite.

3. Managed – Kristen Callihan

This is book two, and yet I read it first. And then went back and picked up the first one. I can’t remember why I went with this first, except maybe because Gabriel Scott and his unshakable confidence as the manager of an international rock band sounded more unique than a book about a rock-star. How often do we hear about the managers? Rock-stars, sure, but their managers? I wanted to know more.

I read this book back in 2016 and I still wish there were more books for me to read. I love the characters, I love their shenanigans. And honestly, I just want more books with men like Gabriel Scott.

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